Formulation of novel Laws to investigate duplicitous property deals in Bangalore

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The Government in Karnataka is is said to bring about the needed change and transformation in the concerns related to property revenues this was done mainly to check deceitful land deals, illegal formation of layouts and there were corruptions in the sub registrar offices.

propertyscamAccording to the sources the government is working on bringing in a visible change in the next six months in the realty, property and revenue sector.

It was also told that the government will mount new rules and regulations to curb registration of revenue sites, it also promised to check the bourgeoning of illegal layouts and sleaze in sub- registrar offices within the city of Bangalore.

The government will make computerized online registration of properties by accelerating the ongoing process of assimilating Kaveri (Land Registration) and Bhoomi (Land Records) the two e-governance pattern of the state government.

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This newly designed system will not only abridge the registration process but this will  also stop the evil practices of fake registration and other corrupt activities. Such activities are much prevalent in Bangalore’s rural areas.

It is also expected that the government will soon bring in changes to the existing act to render effect to the right to center’s fair reimbursement and limpidity in land attainment, reestablishment and the resettlement act as of 2013. This will undoubtedly provide a just and fair recompense to those poor land owners who lose source of revenue due to property acquisition.

The department will soon be ready with an accurate and physical time bound plan of action. This will target for the repossession over 4.5 Lakhs acres of government property infringed by the state-run governing body.

The Deputy Commissioners have been appointed to formulate a plan of action relating to their respective districts on the directions from the high court in answer to a PIL filed by the Samaj Parivartan Samudava.

There are hopes associated that once the plan falls in its place they will probably move ahead with the operations to retrieve the invaded property.


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